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Rust Remover


Follow good basic common sense and you will see amazing results in possibly just a few minutes to only a few hours.

Product doesn’t produce any V O C‘s (volatile organic compounds) but does have a slight mild odor to it. Color can vary light yellow to golden color depending on storage and temperature.

Clean up of this product requires nothing more than just plain water.

The challenge to de-rust or reverse the aging process of any item or surface is only limited to your imagination and abilities to do so.

The safety factor in Safest Rust Remover makes it possible to take on any rust challenge you can find and tackle it with this new amazing product.

What To Expect:

Each surface dipped or showered should reflect a clean bare metal appearance after treatment. Some surfaces will require a lot longer contact time depending on thickness of rust build up and if the surface you are treating is a cast part or machined part.

A machined surface is smooth and will make it easier for the rust to be removed. A cast part has a more porous surface and will require a longer contact times to possibly remove all the rust.

Surfaces that have had rust and then had the rust painted over at sometime or another will require paint remover to be used to remove the paint in between the layers of rust.

Safest Rust Remover will not take off any rust underneath a painted surface until you remove that layer of paint first.


Operating Temperature:

Ideal operating product temperature range is 70 degrees F to 120 degrees F for performance efficiency. This means if you can de-rust an object at 70 degrees in one hour, it could take up to five hours to do the same object at 45 degrees temperature range possibly.



Objects – items – parts – whatever you decide to de-rust, need to be free of mud, dirt, loose rust, grease and oil etc. Why, because even though the product would overcome the extra dirt, rust, grease and oil and still de-rust your part, you would have shortened the life of its performance greatly.

Think of it as gas mileage, by taking the proper prep time you could get 50 miles per gallon or do little or nothing and get 20 miles per gallon. What would you do?

Dip Or Shower: Decide on what would be the most efficient way to de-rust your item.

Dip Process

Small or large items not attached to anything or that are easy to detach are best dipped. This can be done very efficiently by containing the item in the smallest area possible requiring the least amount of volume of Safest Rust Remover to contact the entire surface needed to be de rusted.


Continuous Shower Recirculation Process

Ideal for doing large items in place, requires a pump to continuously recirculate the product over the rusted area with a catch tarp of some type to hold enough product in the area to let the pump keep its prime to keep re circulating the product over the area until the rust has all been dissolved.

Solution To Carbon Steel Staining Is Simple:

When done, spray on any of the Ultra One Product’s that they make for cleaning the hydrocarbons stains in the Lincoln Tunnel, either the Ultra One Heavy duty Degreaser or Ultra One G5 degreaser work the best. These products are available on line at the shopping cart.

You may also use any other good degreaser available that you might already have, but it might require more scrubbing and brushing than the Ultra One product’s require.

After spraying degreaser on the item, let set for 30 seconds and then brush it with a brush or scrub sponge and then rinse it off with water.

Immediately after, have some new Safest Rust Remover standing by in a spray bottle and mist spray the entire object with the rust solution to prevent any flash rusting.

The fine coating of Safest Rust Remover should last indoors up to three months with out re-rusting in proper thermostatically controlled conditions. Outdoor storage will require a proper coating designed for those conditions.

Coating or painting any surfaces after de-rusting should require no more than following the manufactures direction for wiping down the part with there directions and there recommended product for prior to painting or coating. Safest Rust Remover is not a recommended paint able prep surface product.


Contact Time:

Surfaces being de-rusted that need extended contact time to accomplish the rust removal process might experience black carbon steel residue staining temporarily.

This happens when the Safest Rust Remover solution starts to get dirty from extended use and the part still needs additional contact time.

Parts can have a brand new appearance after de-rusting, but the extra time needed to make it completely free of rust re -deposits black carbon deposits on the part.



As with any product no matter how safe it is – reasonable caution- should be exercised to keep out of and away from your eyes. Flush with plenty of water if eyes are contacted at all.

Skin is normally not affected by this product unless you have an open cut, wound, and sore on your skin. Gloves are still recommended to prevent any possible affects at all.


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  • “I would recommend it for companies and even at home to, I think its good for everything”

    Beach Bar 2015

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    I tried your product Ultra One Heavy Duty Degresser. I was very impressed with its ability to clean equal to spray 9 in all the difficult areas. After trying Ultra One Heavy Duty Degreaser in various cleaning situations I have to say that in my opinion it is a better cleaner.

    Tony Saliba, Sony Aviation
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    ” When we switched to Ultra One it allowed us to get rid of 5 chemicals that required many safety measures in order to be used. This has made it easier to clean on our day to day operations”

    Mac Walrath

    W.E.M Water Park 2015
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    “We recently tried Ultra One to clean away the pool scum lines and were amazed at the results. We also like that the product is very safe to handle , easy to use, doesn’t seem to have any negative effect on our pool water chemistry”

    Ron Rieberger
  • ” It’s effective, it works, it takes the grease right out and makes it look new.”

    Rock Jungle

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