Ultra One G5 Gel Cleaner/Degreaser – 1 Liter


Gel Mix:
G-5 is a thicker version of Heavy Duty but stronger than All Purpose. Best for heavy stains, oil or grease spills or stains, mold, car wheel rims, barbeques, concrete garage floors, stove tops, pet stains, furniture stains.

Ultra One G-5 is manufactured in a natural gel formula product, specifically designed to stay in contact longer with stubborn stains and dirt. Wet the surface with warm water, spray G-5 on the stain evenly and let it sit for as long as you want. The gel formula means that Ultra One G-5 adheres better to the dirty surface and works harder to break it down. 

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First wet the soiled surface with warm water to promote even distribution of the product. Next spray G-5 evenly on 

surface. Let it sit anywhere from 5-45 minutes. Wipe or scrub clean for a shiny finish. Repeat this process to remove any residual stains for the ultimate finish.


For best results, do not dilute, but evenly apply to surfaces, and increase the standing time for areas where extra thick grease and dirt build-up occur.


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