Ultra One Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser – 1 Liter


Tough Stains:
Best for heavy stains, oil or grease spills or stains, mold, car wheel rims, barbeques, concrete garage floors, stove tops, pet stains, furniture stains.

Not only is this product 100% environmentally safe and a truly green product, but also it is one of the most powerful degreasers on the market. There isn’t a stain it can’t conquer. Just apply evenly and watch the magic as Ultra One Heavy Duty goes to work!

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Spray Ultra One Heavy Duty evenly on the soiled surface and wipe clean. For heavy stains, allow it to sit for up to 5 minutes then wipe, rub or scrub clean for a shiny finish. 

Ultra One Heavy Duty can take on a wide variety of messes, safely and effectively. This product is so effective that for many jobs, the use of a simple water dilution mix allows you to stretch your product and save your pennies. (See the Dilution Chart for our Suggested Dilution Levels). When using Ultra One for deodorizing, dilute at no greater than a 1 to 10 part water dilution. or a clean, shiny finish.


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